Picture Date: December 15, 2023
Photographer: Stephanne Caelsto

Skittles, sleeping on her chair. It’s hard work supervising everything.

Kit’s Other Interests

Kit is multi-passionate. Explore their other sites.

Chicken Yogi – spiritual coaching for neurodivergent liberation

Epona Author Solutions – boutique serives for authors

Author Yogi – holistic author coaching

About Kit


Kit might be three chickens in a trenchcoat or maybe that’s three turtles, because it’s been a long road, getting from there to here… (And if you sung that last part, you’re probably Kit’s kind of person…)

Kit’s love of fantasy began in a K-mart probably somewhere around 1991 when they discovered a copy of Magic’s Price by Mercedes Lackey. A cute guy and a horse on the cover–yes, please! Once they read it, of course, they were hooked!

For the next ten years they wrote fantasy and then romance, and it was in 2002 when their first book, an erotic paranormal romance was published. We won’t talk about all the romance books, but if you ask nicely (or bribe them with coffee) they might share those pen names. The fantasy was put aside for more than fifteen years, though not forgotten.

However, in 2018, they published the first book in their Musimagium/Radio Arcanum world. And now, they happily live at the intersection of queer equestrian lit, (because they never grew out of loving horse stories) and fantasy set in a wondrous world of mythology, music, and fantasy that lives just beneath the surface of our own world.

They live on a homestead in the Ozarks with their spouse, five spoiled horses, a flock of chickens, three parakeets, and fourteen cats, including Skittles, an emotional support and Official Office Cabin Cat who often appears on livestreams.

Kit is an author yogi who does coaching and mentoring work as well as work as an author technologist at Epona Author Solutions, podcasts on the MuseCharmer Network, and is a RYT-500 yoga teacher, who offers yoga spirituality as self-discovery and liberation through Chicken Yogi. They graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BS in Religious Studies (Psychology Minor) from Missouri State University and is currently working towards a MA in Religious Studies.

Kit is proud to be multiply neurodivergent, nonbinary & transgender, disabled, and deeply involved in disabled, fat, mad, and neurodivergent liberation. Nothing about us, without us!