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How do I send the books I purchase to my Kindle?

When you purchase a copy of my book direct from me (or any author), know that you’re ensuring we receive the highest royalty for your purchase. Thank you! I appreciate these purchases, and I know other authors do as well.

Know that you are responsible for sending your book to your Kindle. It does not happen automatically.

To Send Your Book to Your Kindle

1 Download the book from our site. You should have a link to download your purchases in your receipt or you can go to your order history. Note: You are limited to 3 downloads for each file. If you need your downloads reset, please contact us and explain the reason why you need additional downloads.

2 Either email that downloaded file to your kindle email. It will end in and can be found under DEVICES in your Amazon account. (Account > Devices > Click on your preferred Kindle). ALSO make sure if you haven’t sent a book to your kindle before, go to PREFERENCES at the top, then scroll down to “Personal Documents Settings” and add your email as an approved sender. If necessary, forward the email again.

It is important to note that documents can take a while to go to your Kindle (up to 24-48 hours I’ve found). Turning your WiFi on/off or turning your Kindle on/off may help download queued documents. There are many factors, including how many files are in line ahead of you to be delivered to people’s kindles and your internet speed/connection as well as your personal device.

3 If emailing your book to your device doesn’t work, please try Amazon’s Send to Kindle website. This will allow you to upload the book directly to Amazon’s website to send it to your Kindle.

If you are still having issues, please contact Amazon’s customer support.