One of the things I love about writing in my fantasy world is that the story ideas just seem to flow. I can be working on a story–for example the new serial I’m starting–and all of a sudden pieces begin falling into place. The short story that I’ve released for free (pick it up multiple places here), A Pony In Time, sparked a new idea, and those who completed my survey (still open if you’d like to contribute), have told me that they like it. So that will be starting as well.

To me, a well-designed world, regardless of whether it’s contemporary, fantasy, or some other setting, will cultivate stories the more you write about existing characters. If your world isn’t generating more ideas, then I think it would be time to rethink the world and some of the rules in it. But also, as someone who no longer really specifically plots, having these stories branch off really does my work for me, because I know where the writing is going.

When stories begin to write themselves there’s a joy there. I’ve talked before about making writing my “happy” place, and using it as part of my self-care. But when stories and worlds start to create themselves, then the joy, too, becomes effortless.

I hope you’ll enjoy the stories that will be coming later this year, some as I finish them, and others that I write because that’s where the story took me, bringing in characters from other books. I know I will enjoy writing them and bringing them to you.