by Kit Mychael

Book Cover: Winter Unicorn

It's winter break at Pegasus Academy and most of the students have gone home; however, Pandy (Pandora) has stayed behind. She's older than her classmates, due to being out of school during treatment for childhood lukemia and dealing with its after effects. She doesn't fit in at school, and she's a reminder that even those with magical talent get very mundane diseases. Good thing her academic work isn't going unnoticed, and when she's given extra duties, she gladly agrees. What she's really excited about is the impending birth of a unicorn foal. She's always felt out of place at the Pegasus Academy; maybe it's time she carved out a spot of her own.

Winter Unicorn is a YA novella set at Pegasus Academy and features a disabled heroine. This story is meant to be a prelude to future stories featuring Pandy.



Imprint: Charmed Chicken Media