Our property is a haven for deer here in the Ozarks. The county in which I live has one of the highest deer harvests during hunting season for all of Missouri. With large wide open grasslands (thanks to cattle farmers), bits of forest, or large tracts of forest in which to hide, and abundant water sources, this is an area for deer to be plentiful.

I enjoy them. Seeing the fawns in the spring, watching the groups of deer during the rest of the year, they’re almost magical to see in the horse pasture when I go to shut the chicken door every evening or in the back yard, so close to the house I could step out and touch one if they’d let me. (I’m glad they don’t. They may be safe here, but they need to remain wary of humans.)

Although I don’t write about a lot of connections with wild animals, though it is something I hope to do in the future. Perhaps with the short stories I release as part of Muse Happens, my subscription membership group. I still believe our connection to animals puts us in touch with nature, especially with the horses I do so often write about. After all, when you have companion animals outside like chickens or horses, you deal with nature. Heat, cold, rain, sleet, snow, the animals still need to be cared for and that puts you directly in touch with nature.

A lot of my writing is finding connection with nature, as well as the companion animals that accompany us along the way. I hope you find the same joy in it as I do.