Happy May Day! It’s the first of spring and spring has really sprung here on the homestead. Previously I posted about my kitty litter container garden, and I wanted to provide an update. Using square foot gardening plans, I planted most of the containers with heirloom varieties of bush beans. These are called “red swan” and they’re supposed to be red. (Though if they’re like the “dragon’s tongue” variety I like they’ll turn green when cooked. We’ll find out!). I am pleased that all of those seeds are up with four plants in each bucket.

I also have the bell pepper plants that I planted (two purple and four reds). And at the top are a bean variety called “Snake beans”. They are more squash like and can get up to 2 feet long. They’re supposed to climb up the trellis you’ve seen.

It may not be a large garden this year, but at least it’s a garden, and I’ll keep everyone posted.

Would you like to build your own kitty litter container garden? Check out these plans that I put together complete with supplies list, cut list for boards, and detailed instructions with pictures. It’s available on a sliding scale.