For at least the last decade the marketing rule of thumb has been “if you write different genres, use different pen names”. Certainly, the truism has always been that if your audiences cannot or should not meet (for example erotic romance and young adult works), then use a different pen name. But what if your audiences can overlap?

That’s the question I’ve been pondering because as I am rebranding and re-releasing my fantasy (such as The Pegasus Enchantment series) I’m also working on a young adult Pegasus Academy series. In fact, you can see the free book on the website, Winter Unicorn, is a young adult and at the moment (I plan to “fix” it tonight), it’s under a different name.

Except, I realized someone. One of my favorite author writes “adult” works, meaning books with adult protagonists, and “young adult” works, meaning books with teenage-ish protagonists under the same name set in the same world. I’m seeing other BNAs (big name authors) do the same thing. And I wondered, why can’t I?

As long as it is clear what I’m writing, why can’t I use one name for everything? Certainly that would be easier in the marketing department, something I’m trying to get back into the swing of anyway. And it would make sense for readers who would want to read the continuation of the stories. Among all the authors and readers I connect with online, I can’t imagine someone saying “I don’t want to read about a young protagonist”, and if they do, well they’ll know what the book has by reading the blurb, tags, and learning more. It’s not like I’m going to hide any of that. I love my world! I want to make sure it reaches the readers who will enjoy it too!

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