Welcome to my blog. I thought for a first post, I’d tell you a bit about what I plan on sharing here. First and foremost, I will be sharing my writing. Whether it’s fantasy, young adult, contemporary equestrian, or nonfiction (or any other genre I decide to write), I’ll be talking about my inspiration, my writing process, and my books.

Speaking of inspiration, I hope to talk about my homestead and the horses, those things which inspire me to write, especially my equestrian fiction. This is something I did on my previous pen name’s blog, and I think it will be something here, too. If you decide to join Muse Happens, my membership group, I’ll be talking about my horses and writing about them there, too. Probably even offer some classes on “horses for writers”.

My goal is to blog at least once a week, but I might be able to do more. We’ll see what happens and where the muse takes me.

For now, welcome! I will certainly have more to say in the future.