a queer equestrian story

by Kit Muse

Starting over is never easy, but for Devon Markson, taking the barn manager job at Second Joy Farms in northern Arkansas made perfect sense. The owner, Joy, didn't just work with rescued horses, she also seemed to rescue people, too, and Devon knew he needed a soft landing after what he'd experienced at his previous barn. He knew he could do the work, and Joy didn't care that he was transgender. And although he quickly begins to shine, Devon comes to realize, the hardest part of starting over isn't adapting to the changes. It's letting go of all those things that need to be left behind.

Fresh Horses is the start of an adult equestrian series featuring trans joy, rescued horses with heart, and found family.





Imprint: Charmed Chicken Media






About the Author

Kit has loved horses all their live and never grew out of that “horse crazy” phase. Very few people can say they are doing what they wanted to be doing when they “grew up”, but Kit’s proud to be writing adult equestrian literature and living on a homestead in the Ozarks with a sacred herd of rescue horses. Sharing the homestead with Kit and the horses, are their spouse, a flock of chickens (and one Roman Tufted Goose), a very spoiled duck, a three-legged bearded dragon, a few parakeets, and many cats. Their animals often make it into their stories, especially when they’re writing about the magical, musical world of Radio Arcanum.

They’ve been writing professionally since 2002, and have written in multiple genres under multiple pen names. Currently their focus is on equestrian literature, fantasy, and young adult works featuring diverse characters. When not writing or working on the homestead, they enjoy playing the clarinet, enjoying all things Star Trek, and continuing their education.


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